Tuesday, March 2, 2010


afraid~what i choose not what i want,what i choose,not the best tt what i think~
m i do the correct choice?im afraid about tt~ im scare~im worry~
will i regret?can i responsible what i had choosen?

Monday, February 8, 2010

no hope

hope again,disappointed again~
finally i know that,no hope no disappointed...so i choose dont hope again~mayb tt is a good way to learn put down,let it be~
4or 5 or 6 time disappointed~
1 or 2 or 3 time i hope~
is that i too stupid to hope,all i shouldnt hope in begin~
what can i do is don't hope~
what i know is i too selfish~i'm should not all thing hope you~u not god,not angel,not mine...
something cant force,not belong to you,forever not belong to you
i just.....too disappointed~
i just......too greedy
i just......too selfish
i just.....too childish
i just......sad

mayb you too good,so once u disappointed me~that show that u too bad~actually u not...

Monday, October 5, 2009

car car

hope i wont bang it,hope wont accident...hope it wont injured~

Saturday, September 26, 2009


thanks 4 giving me guai guai n my favorite chocolate~i loving it so much,n i sure tt guai guai will accompany me when alone~n when saw guai guai,sure rem u~i think i wont 4gt u face again...haha
thanks 4 bring me to a korean restoran~it is good,n is my 1st tm eat korea food...tt is delicious~thanks 4 rem wat i told u b4...i really touch~really happy,really really....
thanks 4 all the surpise~
thanks dad n mum...tis is a really big present to me,thanks 4 buying a car 4 me~it is really a great birthday present i ever seen b4~n thanks 4 make time dinner with me~
thanks all frens who wish me in msg,fb or msn~tt bring a lot happiness to me~
i will treasure all the presents tt u all giving me~ thankfully~
i love guai guai~love chocolate,n love the car~love u all~
i didnt realise my life is hw blessedness...nw i found~thanks i born in this world...
thanks god,thanks my family,thanks all of u ~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


old town with frens~movie with frens~shopping with frens~play with frens~but they reject to take photo with me....m i gt virus?or they scare i gt h1n1?
where gt ghost,although watch d,but with different ppl,different feeling,so 2day de where gt ghost more fun...heehee!
hope nx tm gt enough tm to us play ,no need rush bc!!
thanks u all acc me ....
p/s:kylie,hope u can join us too~u must find tt contact me oo!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

dog bite monkey

early yeasterday~a kawaii de dog trying to bite me~n dun let me go...it stop me in the park,n keep biting my leg,lucky i wear jeans n sport shoes,but still can feel how tt pain~T.T
after 10min,nobody save me,an old couple pass by ,they saw me n start laugh~m i look very funny,or the situation look funny...but the important is,tt is emergency....can they save me 1st before laugh?~impossible!!!!
fortunate,"da shu xia"landlady saw me....she quickly pick up a branch n chuck the dog~i been save....hu~
siew hsien,thanks 4 waiting me outside de classroom!
thanks 4 u coming to c me....although i told u im fine~n willing to wait me outside the room alone
thanks 4 bought med 4 me...although i told u im not bleeding~n help me to put med....
i apologize tt my attitude,if make u uncomfortable~
hope wont c the dog again~scare scare

Saturday, August 29, 2009

busy friday

a busy friday with fren~n also a ma fan friday~
morning sis call with a pek cek sound~know a trouble cming lol!!
too full in secret recipe~n stupid fren order same meal same drink as me~trying to make trouble to waitress...write twice on not the same time!!
trying to ask whether can change my bed sheet~didnt realise my bed size is king,not queen~luckily,it can be changed!
the proposal...cold joke movie!but not bad~make me laugh a lot there~
dinner in old town~pasta till in stomach,so cant finish de nasi lemak in old town~waste money.wu~n u promise me will let me treat bc de~dun 4gt...11am breakfast,2pm lunch,5pm tea time,8pm dinner,11pm supper~
mcd 4 sis~luckily didnt let her treat my sis~hu!!n my sis really fast in eating~5min finish a mc chicken....cool!
change bed sheet in jusco~tracy help me to take tt heavy bed sheet....n sis hit me coz i bully her help me take the bed sheet~but...im not!! wu~
the monkey really belong to me~1st saw in parkson~i not buy it...2nd saw in jusco,i dun buy it~tis time...i bought it~turn a big round~i bough it!!@@ but im not monkey~
n tis time my sis not beside me,so she didnt c tracy help me take the bed sheet put on car~so she cant hit me~or pinch me!! yeah yeah~
one nervous driver n one want vomit de person sitting in car~noisy!!but funny~although sis is kidding n act...
almost 4gt send de econ note to leader,luckily she remind me~if not...i cham lol!
a busy friday~a fun friday~laugh a lot~n happy a lot~thanks !!